from previous clients of Philip Cross



From past and present clients of Philip Cross

" I spent 6 years in other English cities and 8 years in Asia, I've worked with several international Acupuncturists, but Phil Cross is absolutely heads and shoulders above any i have visitied. Phil's Acupuncture has a striking effect on my wellbeing. I find his treatment phenomenally effective."     Jane 

"Phil seems to have a deeply intuitive understanding of what my mind and body needs.  Dr Fare

" I have been going to Philip for Acupuncture for years. The experience is always enjoyable and relaxing, in a calm, safe environment. This clever man also gives the best neck massage in the world"    Karen

" I have known Phil for some time now finding myself coming for help with different issues: Fertility, mood and lower back pain. Phil uses a completely Holistic approach seeing the connection between mind and body. He is very friendly, caring and has fantastic listening skills. Acupuncture has been a complete revelation to me not only helping me with fertility but also allowing me to completely relax and unwind leaving me felling brighter and free-er ".   Amanda

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