Acupuncture with Philip Cross


The first appointment

During the first appointment i will spend some time discussing the problem and asking questions covering all aspects of health including lifestyle and diet. This will help me to obtain a full picture and make a comprehensive diagnosis. An examination of Stress and tensions in the body will be taken and any area of pain examined to assess suitability for Acupuncture. A shortened acupuncture session will be given as an introduction. This session will last up to an hour and should leave you feeling relaxed and reassured. Together we will formulate a treatment plan that usually involves weekly Acupuncture sessions, some hands on massage and sometime herbs are prescribed. Throughout the treatment course we will assess progress and give realistic evaluation of the possible outcomes.

How Can Acupuncture Help?

Acupuncture is designed to help rebalance the body. This is achieved differently in specific conditions, from helping the body to lessen the experience of pain through increased endorphin production and increased circulation of blood. To the relaxation of the physical and mental processes allowing the body to efficiently carry out its repair processs.

Through the insertion of needles to specific points, that over time have been seen to help encourage the body to work efficiently to bring a sense of well being and alleviation of symptoms. The traditional understanding that underlies Acupuncture is that their are channels in the body that carry vital energy to the organs, muscles and tissues of the body and if the flow of this vital energy is disrupted  illness or pain follows. The practitioner of Traditional Acupuncture Through the the insertion of fine needles frees up this vital energy and in doing so alleviating symptoms.

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