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Acupuncturist of over 30 years


About me

My interest in health and wellbeing  developed whilst at University. Upon graduation I subsequential studied at the Kushi Institute in London, covering shiatsu and Macrobiotic dietary analysis and cooking. Following this i formally studied a Diploma in Shiatsu with Rex Lasselle at the Hara Schools of Shiatsu and post graduate with Sonia Moriceau at her Healing shiatsu School in Herefordshire.

As my interests in Chinese Mediine developed i decided to study further and enrolled in both Accupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine diplomas for the next 5 years at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York. This furthered my understanding of this fascinating holistic system of healthcare.

The combination of looking at diet, lifestyle, exercise and mental health as contributory to factors to health became my prime focus. This means i aim to fully encourage and empower the individual towards good health, assisting them with the tools to help maintain a sense of health and wellbeing.

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Philip Cross - Acupuncturist

As well as a personal and professional grounding in Chinese medicine, i have a keen interest in meditation and its beneficial affect on or health and well being, to this end i studied mindfulness at Bangor University, applying the practice to my own life. Meditation is a strong thread in the way in which i practice, helping me to create a relaxed and uplifting environment for clients.

Personally I'm am a keen runner enjoying the space and freedoms that running in the beautiful yorkshire countryside brings. Cooking good nutritious food and enjoy experimenting with fermenting foods to enhance health.

The enthusiasm that i bring to what i enjoy, encourages me to continually explore ideas and communicate where appropriate to help with the promotion of health in those that come for treatment and advice.